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When can I register to attend the jamboree?

Registration begins December 2, 2017. The registration package, including forms and other info has been posted on the website under Registration. The last day to register is May 15, 2018. There are 3 available deadlines for registration - Early, Regular, Late - each with its own set fee and due dates.

Who may register to attend camp?

Every camper must register to attend TT11 through a member unit (Liên Đoàn / Làng) registered with the International Central Committee of Vietnamese Scouting (Hội Đồng Trung Ương HĐVN) or an associated member unit. No individual registrations outside of these approved units will be accepted.

How can I register to attend if I am not currently registered with a member Liên Đoàn/Làng?

If you are not currently registered with a member Liên Đoàn of Hội Đồng Trung Ương HĐVN, you must seek approval from a member Liên Đoàn to be your sponsor and be registered for TT11 with that Liên Đoàn. TT11 is a highly subsidized camp. TT11 Organizing Committee reserves priorities for members of Hội Đồng Trung Ương HĐVN to attend the jamboree and holds the final approval on all TT11 participants.

Which days may campers check-in and check-out?

Campers may officially check-in at camp on Thursday, June 28, 2018.  Opening Ceremony will be held the morning of Friday, June 29, 2018. Camp officially ends on the morning of Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

May I enter camp early or stay at camp longer than the official camp dates?

No, camp policy allows campers to enter camp beginning on Thursday, June 28, 2018 and all campers must depart camp by Wednesday, July 4, 2018.  Campers may not enter camp earlier than the check-in day. Camp staff need time to complete camp setup and does not have adequate resources to support early campers.  As needed, out-of-town groups may seek support from the local units to help find lodging for pre-camp days.

Will there be Day Pass available for visitors?

Yes, a limited number of single day passes will be available each day for guests and family members to visit camp. Day Pass fee is $100 per day, includes meals for that day, and is non-transferable. Day Pass is not available to Scouts. 

Registration process for Day Pass will be posted later, after registration for Full-time campers have completed. All visitors must register to enter camp and to participate.  Day Pass holders may participate in camp activities open to visitors on the day the pass is valid. For example, pass holders for the Opening Day may participate in the Opening Ceremony, Cultural workshops, Opening Campfire, and other activities open to visitors on that day. Day Pass visitors may not participate in Subcamp programs (activities for Scouts and Scouters of the different age groups) which are only available to full-time campers.

Day Pass holders must complete the Waiver & Photo Consent forms as well as the Code the Conduct.

Will the fee for Day Pass be reduced if I do not take the meals that are being included?

No, the fee for Day Pass is $100 per person per day, regardless if you use the meals included or not.

When are registration forms due?

All forms, photo, and payment are due to TT11 Organizing Committee by registration deadline in order for camper to receive the set fees for that registration deadline.

An exception is made for the submission of BSA Health/Medical Form for participants registering under the Early and Regular registration deadlines. You may submit the Health Form after you have submitted your registration, but no later than May 15, 2018. After May 15, 2018, if you have not submitted all parts of your health form, your registration will be considered incomplete and subject to rejection. There will be no refund after May 15, 2018 for incomplete registration.

When is my Health Form Due?

Submit all 3 parts of your Health Form with your registration if possible, and no later than May 15, 2018.

All forms, photo, and payment are due to TT11 Organizing Committee by registration deadline in order for camper to receive the set fees for that registration deadline. An exception is made for the submission of BSA Health/Medical Form for participants registering under the Early and Regular registration deadlines. You may submit the Health Form after you have submitted your registration, but no later than May 15, 2018. After May 15, 2018, if you have not submitted all parts of your health form, your registration will be considered incomplete and subject to rejection. There will be no refund after May 15, 2018 for incomplete registration.

Can I submit my Health Form electronically?

No. As recently recommended by the National Capital Area Council of BSA, to protect your personal health records, we will not accept electronic submission of your health form. Please submit all parts of your health form in hard copy (i.e. paper format) to your LD Rep, who will transmit them to TT11 Organizing Committee via postal mail. LD Reps should sort forms by Camper ID and submit all forms by May 15, 2018.

May I use electronic signature on my forms?

You may not use electronic signature on the Waiver Form. Please provide a physical signature for the Waiver Form. This is a legal document which is enforceable in the court of law and must be signed to be validated.

You may use electronic signature on the Code of Conduct form if you have a traceable e-signature established by an official entity (e.g. you have a digital certificate issued by a U.S. Government agency that can identify you in the court of law).  If you do not have an official electronic signature, you must physically sign your Code of Conduct form. The e-signature must belong to the participant or to the parent/legal guardian of a minor participant. No other person may sign on the participant’s behalf.

I can see my Liên Đoàn's name in the registration system but the registration link is not active, why?

Your Liên Đoàn has not officially designated 2 Liên Đoàn representatives to work with TT11 Organizing Committee and/or your 2 Liên Đoàn representatives have not completed the required steps to setup their registration account. These steps must be completed before any member of your Liên Đoàn may start registration. Please ask your Liên Đoàn Trưởng to email [email protected] to provide the full name, email address, and mobile phone number of the 2 Liên Đoàn representatives. Then, make sure your designated Liên Đoàn representatives create their accounts on TT11 registration site. Once the Liên Đoàn representatives are identified and their accounts established, your Liên Đoàn's registration link will be activated.


Getting to Camp

Which are the nearest airports to camp?

Closest:  Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), 25 miles from camp, 30 min to 1 hour and 10 min drive depending on traffic.

Second Closest: Reagan National Airport (DCA), 46 miles from camp, 45 min to 2 hour drive depending on traffic.

Does the camp provide transportation service to and from airport?

Yes, for an additional fee, camp airport shuttle service is available to and from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Reagan National Airport (DCA).  Note this service is only available for these two airports, IAD and DCA. Submit shuttle service request along with your registration. One-way fare to/from IAD is $35; One-way fare to/from DCA is $50. See Airport Shuttle.

Will camp staff help me purchase airplane tickets and arrange for other logistics?

No, campers must arrange for your own transportation and other needed services, including any flights and lodging for pre and post camp days. For airplane tickets, campers may use free internet services such as Google Flights and Expedia to compare, track flight costs, and to purchase airline tickets. Tripadvisor and Expedia are some sources to book hotels.


Camp Facilities and Services

Where will we sleep at camp?

All campers will sleep in tents. Campers should bring all the needed camp gears (tents, sleeping bag, etc.).

Are there camp gears for rent?  

Yes, a limited number of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camp chairs will be available for rent on a first come, first serve basis. Submit rental request along with your registration. See Camp Gear Rental.

Are there beds inside cabin for rent?  

Yes, a very limited number of beds inside a co-ed cabin are available for rent to campers with special needs.  Priorities will be reserved for senior campers who have special needs.  Cabin has air conditioning, bunk beds, 1 shared bathroom, and a kitchen.  Submit cabin request along with registration.  See Cabin Rental.

Who will provide food?

For full-time registered campers, the camp fee covers meals for all days at camp (from lunch on check-in day to breakfast on check-out day).  Food will be served by camp staff and/or by authorized food vendors in or near the main dining hall.  The dining hall has air-conditioning and enough tables and chairs to serve approximately 500 campers at a time.  Cooking gear is not required.

Will I need to bring cooking gears?

Cooking gear are not required as meals will be provided for full-time campers. Campers may bring along cooking gear if you want to provide your own supplemental food at camp.  Note that camp sites will be tight, and your group will need to share campground with others.  Groups may not have access to fire ring.


Camp Program

Which Subcamp Programs will be available?

During the 3 days reserved for subcamp activities (Saturday 6/30 to Monday 7/2), the following Subcamp programs will be available (subject to change): Ấu, Thiếu, Thanh, Trưởng Niên, and Gia Đình.  

  • Ấu - program for girls and boys ages 5 to 10
  • Thiếu - program for girls and boys ages 11 to 14 (scouts up to the age of 17 may choose to participate in Thieu subcamp)
  • Thanh -  program for girls and boys ages 14 to 20
  • Tráng - program for young adults 18 to 26 year old
  • Trưởng Niên - program for leaders and senior Scouters (most are 50+)
  • Gia Đình - program for families

Beside Subcamp programs, what other programs will be available?

  • Opening Day on Friday, June 29, 2018, the jamboree will feature the Opening Ceremony, musical entertainment, cultural workshops, and Opening Campfire program. Outside guests may be invited to attend.  All guests must register to participate.  More info on registering guests will be available at a later time.
  • Fellowship Day aka TT Fest Day, on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the jamboree will feature fun and exciting camp-wide activities and competitions, featuring Fellowship program, STEM workshops, sports activities, BBQ picnic, and closing campfire program.
  • Closing Day on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, the jamboree concludes with the Closing Ceremony.

How will my Liên Đoàn be able to contribute to the jamboree's Campfire Program?

All Liên Đoàn may contribute to the various Subcamps' campfire program. Each Subcamp (Ấu, Thiếu, Thanh, Tráng, Trưởng Niên & Gia Dinh) will hold its own campfire program.  For example, your Liên Đoàn's Ấu units will participate in the campfire program with other groups' Ấu units as part of the Ấu Subcamp's program. The best campfire performance of each Subcamp will be asked to perform for the entire camp on the evening of July 3rd, as part of the jamboree's Closing Campfire Program. 

In addition to the Subcamp's Campfire Program, there will be a limited opportunity to contribute to your Miền or Chi Nhánh's campfire performance.  Each Miền or Chi Nhánh will be invited to present a single performance by members of their region/country during the Opening Campfire (6/29) or the Closing Campfire (7/3).  

Larger regions, i.e., Miền Tây Nam HK, Miền Tây Bắc HK, and Miền Trung HK may submit up to 2 performances.  Each performance may be no more than 7 minutes total.  There will be a very short transition time, of no more than 3 minutes, between each performance.



May I print Thẳng Tiến XI official logo on my individual or unit’s items?

No.  Only official items and materials distributed by Thẳng Tiến XI Organizing Committee may be printed with the official Thẳng Tiến XI logo. No individual or organization may use Thẳng Tiến XI logo on unauthorized items and merchandise.

Printing of the words "Thẳng Tiến XI or Thẳng Tiến 11" on unit t-shirts along-side with your unit name and unit logo is allowed. We expect some units will have commemorative Thẳng Tiến XI t-shirts to display their spirit at the Jamboree. 

Who is APACAF?

Asian Pacific American Cultural Arts Foundation (APACAF) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization with the mission to preserve cultural heritage through the exchange and exhibit of the performing arts, educational, cultural, and social functions between ethnic groups of Asian heritage in America. APACAF is an official sponsor of Thẳng Tiến XI as well as a long-standing charter organization for local Scout units in Northern Virginia. The National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America agreed for Thẳng Tiến XI to use APACAF's account to support all of the jamboree’s financial transactions, including donations and camp fees collection. To learn more about APACAF, please visit http://www.apacafoundation.org/.

Does the jamboree have Liability and Insurance coverage?

Yes, all participants will be covered by BSA National Capital Area Council (NCAC) Liabily insurance. Thẳng Tiến XI is being hosted at a Cub Scout camp owned by the NCAC.